Sarah's immense passion for Christ and the ocean lead her to begin this mission to create waves. Our main goal with Through The Waves is to show people the love of Christ and teach everyone how important our oceans are. A portion of each profit go to saving the seas and spreading the word about Christ!

The idea came about after Sarah listened to a series at Life Church called "The Good Work". The main focus of the series was to help someone find their purpose and begin the good work for God. A few days after the series ended Sarah got the idea to merge her love for the ocean and Christ. She said "I'm not sure where it's going to go and what I am going to do but it will be called Through The Waves because God gets us through every wave we face in life."

Genesis 1:21 says “So God Created Great Sea Creatures and Every Living thing that Scurries and Swarms in the Water, and Every Sort of Bird –Each Producing Offspring of the Same Kind. And God saw that it was Good.”

Let's love our oceans just as much as God loves us and make some waves!